Welcome to the Hodges gunmakers website for those interested in the history of breechloading sporting guns. The most famous of my ancestors, Edwin Charles Hodges was an important pioneer in the earliest days of the breechloader, and may have produced the first British made  'drop-down' gun. He also actioned a pair of Grants given by Queen Victoria to her son The Prince of Wales in 1870.

Here you will find condensed biographies of the family’s ten gunmakers and have the opportunity to contribute to some original historic research. If you have a vintage shotgun, pistol or rifle, it is possible it was worked on by my family.  They actioned, stocked, and finished guns for many of the top companies of the London market but also produced guns in their own name which until my gunlist project began was not widely known. Only 33 Hodges guns are registered in the UK - do you own one of them?

If you find a Hodges mark or name on your weapon (go to the gunlist project page to check what to look for), please submit your gun details to me. Your help is vital, in the absence of Hodges gun-ledgers, in constructing a record of an outworking family's activity in the golden age of British gunmaking. If you have any other information which relates to the family or their gunmaking do get in touch.

I hope you find this site interesting,

Robert Hodges  

Golden Anniversary photo - EC and Emma Hodges Dec 1905

Back Row L-R:
Raymond George Thomas Perrin, Frank Stanley Hodges (gunmaker), Leslie Harold Augustus Hodges (gunmaker), Edgar Ernest William Hodges (stockbroker).

Daisy Florence Perrin, Ella Violet May Hodges (“Duch”), Annie Beatrice Hodges (nee Bryce - Frank’s 1st wife), Lilian Grace Julia (“Lily”), Mary Ellen Hodges (nee Page -wife of Leslie), Emma Caroline Hodges (nee Scott- wife of Edgar)

Between front and middle row:
John “Jack” Lionel (son of Lionel), Kathleen Mary (daughter of Lionel and later Atkin Grant & Lang director)

Florence Emma Eugenie Perrin (widow, nee Hodges), Rosa Louisa Priscilla Hodges, Emma Hodges (nee Lane, wife of EC Hodges - holding Eric Francis Sidney, son of Frank), Edwin Charles Hodges - (gunmaker) holding Arthur Edwin Hodges, Lionel’s son, Lionel “Leo” Frederic Thomas Hodges (gunmaker), Mary Elizabeth "Polly" (nee Ducker, wife of Lionel)


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