The Hodges Gunlist Project

No Hodges company records have survived from 125 years of gunmaking (1839-1964) so I am compiling a list of any guns which carry the name, initials or marks of a Hodges gunmaker to get a better idea of who they worked for and when, the variety and volumes of their own guns, and how often their patents were used. I have used data from auction catalogues, gunmakers' outworker records and names in gun ledgers, reference books and the guns themselves, but I need more gun data and this is where you or your friends or gunclub may be able to help.

The rarest Hodges guns have their names on the sideplates. Only nine have been traced anywhere in the world, although 33 are registered in the UK alone. Much more common are guns which used their patents or were actioned, stocked or barrelled by them for other gunmakers.

I am interested in guns from any period or maker but as early guns are particularly rare the details from 1850s pinfires are of special interest. Inconveniently these usually carry the marks on the stock side of the breech.

Gun case labels sought

Also if you have Hodges guncase labels and/or cases do let me know. I am particularly trying to find ones for Florence St, and South Audley St. If you don't have a Hodges gun but have relevant information or pictures please go to my 'Contact Me' page.

What are the known Hodges marks?

Edwin Charles Hodges:

On side plates on his make guns: 'E.C. Hodges'

On top strap: 'Patent', 'E.C. Hodges's Patent', (pictured top right) 'E.C Hodges Patent'

On ribs: 'E.C. Hodges' + one of the following addresses: 8 Florence St, 95 Mount St, 69 Ebury St, 34 South Audley St.

On barrel tubes: ECH

On action flats: 'E C Hodges patent', 'Grant & Hodges Patent','ECH' in a triangle with crown logo above (pictured top left)

On standing breeches: ECH in a triangle with crown logo above, 'E Hodges patent' with patent use number (pictured top centre)

On rear of pinfire breeches: 'E Hodges' on the stock side.

Known clients: Army and Navy, Henry Atkin, Boss, William Cartwright, Stephen Grant, A Lancaster, Lang, Parker Field, Purdey, Samuel and C. Smith, Woodward.

Lionel Frederic Thomas Hodges:

On side plates: Lionel Hodges

On ribs: 27 Barnsbury Pk, 18 Charterhouse Buildings.

Known clients: Army & Navy and Henry Atkin.

Leslie Harold Augustus Hodges:

Known clients: Boss (as a stocker)

Other marks of other Hodges makers being sought.



Photos make a real difference to understanding gun data. Please send me anything you think will be of interest. If you have a Hodges-worked gun go to the 'Send your Hodges gun details' page and include your email address, mentioning you have pictures to send. Unfortunately the form does not allow attachments to be added, so I'll reply by email if you have any to send.

Please tell me if you would be happy for me to use your images on this site, and in my Hodges Gunmakers biography leaflet. Your ownership and copyright will be respected at all times and I can add a picture credit and copyright warning if you wish. I make no money from this research but if at any time I publish a book I will ask you for additional permission to reproduce your pictures should I need them.


Your name and contact details will not be recorded on the gunlist or published in any form unless you wish to be credited in some way.

What's in it for me?

1. If you have details of a gun I don't have on my list you will be eligible for a free copy of my Hodges Gunmakers biography leaflet, which is a more comprehensive and illustrated account of the historical and biographical data presented on this website. Currently 29 pages of A4. Your postal address is required as the document is too large to email.

2. The satisfaction of contributing to original research and hopefully getting a better idea of the date and historical context of your gun.

This free leaflet is also available to gun historians, researchers and writers in exchange for other data, or as source material for an article or as part of a reference book.

IMPORTANT: the copyrighted leaflet cannot be re-published in part or whole in any way, in any media, at any time without prior permission from myself.

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